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Health And Safety

The management of Sigma Solutions and Consulting, LLC is committed to providing a safe work place for its personnel and the support for same for its client partners. The company subscribes to a philosophy and protocol that heightens the awareness of potential hazards and is dedicated to an ongoing screening/education/certification process that helps maintain a proactive status with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Training for all personnel and site technicians is provided by an environmental & safety staff possessing extensive background in environmental/safety instruction and task certification for OSHA, RCRA, TOSCA, and DOT regulatory guidelines. All specific task certification and training documentation can be supplied prior to the execution of any client-approved activity. Sigma Solutions utilizes only state of the art equipment in its various applications. Contingent on client needs and project scope, Sigma Solutions can provide mobile response service units or facility-designated equipment for on-site staging. Sigma Solutions implements a thorough QA/QC program for all its equipment to ensure integrity and proficiency in utilization.

Sigma Solutions conducts project tasks that will be completed in accordance with the regulatory requirements of 29 CFR 1910, 40 CFR 260 – 265, 268, 49 CFR, and any other applicable federal, state, and local environmental, health, and safety requirement.

Sigma Solutions maintains standard operating procedures (“SOPs”) for protecting the environment; preventing accidents, injuries, and illnesses; identifying hazards; use of personal protective equipment; health and safety training requirements; monitoring techniques; emergency procedures; medical surveillance programs; appropriate first aid equipment for site activities; and recordkeeping.

In today’s environment, the documentation of tasks and activities is paramount. In keeping with this theme, the objective of Sigma Solutions is to provide all proper documentation covering each facet of a client project pursuant to all required regulatory stipulations. Additionally, and as may be desired, Sigma Solutions can interface with all regulatory bodies on behalf of the client. This responsive approach allows Sigma Solutions to facilitate client projects and activities with greater efficiency and efficacy.

It is the desire of Sigma Solutions to become cognizant of the specific safety and protocol requirements of its client partners…and to take all reasonable steps to help ensure that such requirements are met (and exceeded if possible).

In today's highly regulated environment and given the litigious nature of our society, it is imperative to know that a contractor is not cutting corners just to be low bidder. Knowledge, experience, training, compliance, set-up, and operating procedures are integral components for contractor evaluation and selection. Sigma Solutions believes that it delivers a level of service that is unmatched in scope and quality. We welcome the opportunity to prove it!