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Remediation & Field Services

Dredging and Excavation Services
Plant and Equipment Demolition and/or Decontamination
Site Assessments and Remedial Execution (Phase I, II, III)

Sigma Solutions can operate a turnkey approach to many remediation and field service needs. In this respect, Sigma Solutions is pleased to provide the following sample capabilities for your review:

  • Emergency Response Cleanup and Recovery
  • De-watering and Filter Press Services (Pond and Lagoon)
  • Dredging and Excavation Services (Pond and Lagoon)
  • UST/AST Remediation
  • Plant and Equipment Demolition and/or Decontamination
  • Asbestos Abatement 
  • Mold / Mildew and Other Biological Abatement
  • Lab Pack Services
  • Commercial Diving Services

With its trained personnel and specialized equipment, Sigma Solutions is poised to address a variety of response situations, including but not limited to: Sigma Safety Standard

  • Level A Response (IDLH and Gas Free Environments)
  • Level B Response (IDLH Environments)
  • Level B & C Response
  • Low Level Radiation Activities