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The personnel of Sigma Solutions have been properly trained and oriented to effectively manage and execute service implementation in the following areas:

I. Confined Space Entry Services

    • Railcars
    • Storage and Process Tanks
    • Isotainers
    • Transport Tankers
    • Pits and Separators 

II. Product and Materials Handling

    • Product and Materials Recovery/Reclamation (Fixed Systems & Mobile Units)
    • Product and Materials Transfer (Loading-Transfer-Unloading)
    • De-Watering and Filter Press Services

III. Industrial Cleaning

    • Vacuum and Air Mover Services
    • Hydro Blasting
    • Assorted Media Blasting 

IV. Remediation and Field Services

    • Dredging and Excavation Services
    • Plant and Equipment Demolition and/or Decontamination
    • Asbestos Abatement 
    • Site Assessments and Remedial Execution (Phase I, II, III)

V. Consulting, Engineering, and Waste Management Services